A night of fun with pokies

A night of fun with pokies

When I go to a casino I really only find myself having fun on the Play now at Pokiesportal.com!. Me and my mates head over to a casino every now and then and after trying my hand at everything and nothing I still always find myself watching the reels spin at some point during the night. I love the thrill, the risk and that slight feeling that things are out of your control and that is exactly where the magic lies!

Everyone has the same chance

There is a very specific reason as to why I feel like slot machines are the best value for your hard earned money. With the pokies, everyone has the same chance because no skills of the trade are involved and I do not have to follow specific strategy to get my payouts. Take poker, for example, even with a great hand a better player can steal your payout. Fruit machines are a simple yet magical game that simply asks me to just risk 1 token, give a yank on that lever and I could be a much richer man only moments later.

The feeling that keeps you going

That is the exact feeling you get when you play and it is why I get the drive to keep going and keep chasing the gold. The knowledge that at any moment you could be sitting at the right slot machine on the right time fuels you to chase the payout. I thrive on that feeling and am often glad I waited it out. Some people say the machines are like women and that one needs to put forth some effort and spend some time to get what you want. Once a bit of work has gone into her, the payout is so much more enjoyable!

Getting paid

One night in the casino with my mates it was looking like it was going to be a good night, having already won a game of blackjack I was feeling very confident. One of my rituals is to always give the reels one spin when I enter the casino just to see what happens. This time it paid off. I hit the jackpot on my first pull and almost twisted my ankle celebrating. My friends, who don’t believe in fruit machines, where a bit jealous but after I used my winnings to get a few rounds they were quick to forget. We all had an amazing night and made money in the process, I still cannot believe it!